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Heather Timmons

Heather Timmons

Administrative Assistant

I came to Winnipeg when I was 19 to attend Red River College’s Dental Assistant II course. Once graduated, I started working for a small dental office here in the city and was employed there for 10 years. Following an accident, working on my feet all day was not an option and it forced me to re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my passion for helping others. After a significant amount of recovery time off from the working world, I had difficultly within myself to get back into finding employment. This led me to the Winnipeg Transition Centre. From the program I gained my confidence back and many other attributes that were hidden away inside me. I couldn’t be more grateful!

After volunteering for a short time, I was hired as the Administrative Assistant. One and a half years later, I have witnessed a transformation within our organization.

We now focus solely on our training for the professional development side of the organization and I am so proud of our certificate programs offered. These include the Career Employment Coach Certificate and Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate in partnership with the University of Winnipeg and Humber College in Toronto. Also included are workshops such as Learning to Live on Higher Ground, Games Tools & Techniques, 1, 2 and 3 day Facilitation sessions and Performance Coaching.

As the Administrative Assistance I am usually the first person an individual will connect with to inquire about our professional development training.

Being able to witness our group of Trainers provide the most current and up to date training in all professional development aspects is inspiring and confidence boosting. The Winnipeg Transition Centre encourages the notion that all participants in workshops and training sessions deserve the opportunity to be fully engaged and respected for their knowledge, experience and skills.

Linda Bartlette

Linda Bartlette

Executive Director

It is not just a tremendous honor but humbling to assume the role of my husband, the late Ron Bartlette, as Executive Director of the Winnipeg Transition Centre.  While I have been involved in many aspects of the organization throughout the years, I am embracing my current position with great pride and passion.

As a legacy to Ron, I will continue to uphold his values and vision for the Winnipeg Transition Centre that began when we started this company 32 years ago.  The excitement of this journey has never left me.  As an educator, I understand the value of effective training and development as well as providing informative, engaging programs.

The Winnipeg Transition Centre is built on integrity, community service, and training.  Our priority is to continue this proud tradition to all we serve.  Empowering our participants/clients and creating memorable and impactful learning moments is our greatest achievement.

Tracey Ediger

Tracey Ediger

Program Manager

I am honoured to manage all business operations for Active Learning Works! offering a variety of online and in-person workshops. Being employed at the Winnipeg Transition Centre for 23 years, I have witnessed many accomplishments and transformations over the years.

Our organization provides top-notch professional development training with 2 certified programs, the Career Employment Coach Certificate and the Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate in partnership with the University of Winnipeg and Humber College in Toronto. Other workshop sessions include Learning to Live on Higher Ground, Games Tools & Techniques, 1, 2, and 3-day Facilitation sessions, and Performance Coaching.

Our professional development training also appeals to my business side in connecting with and building relationships with contacts in Winnipeg and across the country. I am proud of the quality of the training we provide and value the opportunity to help professionals develop better skills. Our workshops provide a unique experience that can be life-changing for our participants. Training sessions have been delivered throughout Manitoba, Ontario, the Maritimes, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

I am privileged to work alongside our group of Trainers, who provide valuable input in keeping our training fresh and up to date with current industry trends.

Prior to the WTC, I was employed by the T. Eaton Co. for 20-plus years where I held a number of positions in retail sales, merchandise services, inventory management, and corporate training.

I enjoy volunteering in the community and am presently involved with assisting the Little Grindstone Harbour Authority, as well as a member of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Education Organization), dedicated to assisting women to achieve their education goals.

Curtis Marshall

Curtis Marshall

Freelance Social Media Specialist

I am a certified graduate of the Web Design program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I currently run my very own web design/social media management company called That’s It Design. Before going to McMaster University, I graduated from Herzing College with a certification in Radio and Television. Following this, I spent a few years working in the radio industry in Winnipeg. With a passion for sports, I am an accomplished YouTuber in the Canadian Soccer Industry after founding my YouTube channel, AFC Curtis.

The Late Ron Bartlette

The Late Ron Bartlette


This year marks the third anniversary of the passing of Ron Bartlette, Executive Director and Founder of the Winnipeg Transition Centre.

Ron was humbled by the opportunities he was given to lead the organization, working with so many passionate, gifted staff and touching the lives of numerous participants.

His legacy and vision continues on through the various programs and services of the Winnipeg Transition Centre, where thousands in Manitoba and across Canada have received support and training and who in turn, will provide inspiration in their communities.

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