What Is A Chronological Resume?

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Resumes come in different formats. Today we will be discussing one of those formats when we dive into the question, what is a Chronological resume?

We have talked about the different resume formats and even tips on building a great resume, but today we thought it best to break down the Chronological resume format. We will give you a summary of how Chronological resumes work, the different sections commonly found, who should use them, and an example of what the final product looks like.

So without further ado let’s jump in!

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What Does A Chronological Resume Do?

A Chronological resume lists all your jobs starting with your most recent or current job at the top and then the list works its way back through your job history. The Chronological resume focuses on your achievements and work history.


Who Should Use A Chronological Resume?

Since a big part of this resume format is work history and achievements, this resume format is best for the job seekers who have experience in the job field they are applying for. This resume is best for showing off your strong work experience in that certain field and could help land you a job interview. Employers like this resume format as it showcases work experience in a clear order of events.


What Sections Make Up A Chronological Resume?

This resume format commonly uses five sections. Contact information, summary, work experience, education, and other related details. The section order usually follows that order to help give all the important need-to-know information to the person doing the hiring.


Example Of Resume

Hopefully, this post helps provide you with more information on what the Chronological Resume format is and how it could help you when applying for your next job. If you want to learn more we recommend you check out our upcoming virtual workshops as they can help you in your career.

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