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Manitoba Receiving Funding With The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

Manitoba Receiving Funding With The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant. New Intake Opened September 6th. Employers in Manitoba will be able to access the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant to receive funds to help cover training costs of new and existing employees to meet the business...

What Is A Combination Resume?

Are you struggling to decide what resume format would be best for you between the Chronological and Functional formats? Well, the answer could be to combine the two formats. We’ll discuss more here in this post as we go over what a Combination Resume format is. Let’s...

Answering Participant Questions In A Workshop

by The Late Ron Bartlette Two types of participant questions can be asked. The ones you know the answer to and the ones you don’t. How do you respond to each?What if you know the answer to a question asked? No problem, you go ahead and respond, right? Not so fast....