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The Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate takes the time to master all 15 Components of the Behavioural Facilitation Method. Over the course of the 5 day workshop you will:

  1. Build up exposure to the 5 Pillars and try them out
  2. Add 5 more components and group work
  3. Load the last 5 components into your toolbox and get your participants to do the work – Less of you, more of them!
  4. Experience what happens when you facilitate while a role-player performs a challenging situation – then explore alternative methods to solve it.
  5. Master all 15 components while adapting them into a work related presentation.

Our most comprehensive offering! This workshop creates the greatest opportunity for changing habit. Behavioural Facilitation will be in your DNA. A fun, thoughtful and challenging experience that will be remembered for years to come! Certification through Humber College and the University of Winnipeg.

The intimate class size and the Facilitator’s personable, empathetic and enthusiastic presence created an atmosphere where we felt safe to take risks and learn from each other. Every moment of each day was filled with clear, demonstrated examples and opportunities for us to try each tool/skill.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Name and describe the 15 components in the Behavioural Facilitation Approach
  • Facilitate 5 lessons on various topics
  • Develop 2 learning outcomes for each facilitation exercise
  • Practice skills and tips for handling challenging situations or behaviours
  • Acquire a minimum of 7 facilitating resources and tips
  • Obtain and provide constructive feedback on each facilitation presentation
  • Interact with wide range of skilled peer facilitators


Registration Fees:

Non-Profit Rate – $1300 plus 5% GST

Private/Public Sector Rate – $2145 plus 5% GST

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