Learning to Live on Higher Ground

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Learning to Live on Higher Ground is a workshop designed to help participants nurture a new desire for personal wellness. By reflecting on magical moments that give shape to our lives, seeing the personal growth in adversity, and cultivating gratitude, participants will be encouraged to consider practicing a new way of thinking and living.

What Will You Learn?

Personal wellness and stress management help us live well, but many of us are living lives that far exceed our capacity. This workshop will provide the opportunity to reflect on the way we use our time, as we encourage one another toward healthier strategies for living. The workshop will provide a space to re-fuel, recharge, and learn to live on higher ground.

Who Should Attend?

This rejuvenating workshop will benefit individuals who:

  • want to practice wellness and decrease stress
  • feel stuck in a professional rut
  • seldom make time for themselves
  • want to focus on the positive in life
  • find themselves distracted by workplace politics
  • burn the candle at both ends

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Re-affirm your gifts, talents, and accomplishments
  • Live and work with a lighter heart and celebrate with joy
  • Reflect on the magical moments that have shaped your life 
  • Consider the growth opportunities found in adversity 
  • How lessons from the past can help make sense of the present
  • Acquire healthy habits to handle stress
  • Cultivate a life filled with gratitude and laughter
  • Develop new practices for living on higher ground

Registration Fees:

Non-Profit Rate – $350 plus $17.50 GST

Private/Public Sector Rate – $550 plus $27.50 GST

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