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Through group work and opportunities to practice, participants reveal the usefulness of the 5 Behavioural Facilitation Pillars. Each participant understands and has demonstrated the 5 fundamental skills necessary to be an effective facilitator.

Accomplished by

  • Facilitating 2 short presentations, one on each day about fun and light topics

  • Gathering structured feedback in a supportive environment

  • A straight-forward and practical approach to Inquiry-based & Experiential Learning.

“I familiarized myself with the 5 foundations or pillars that every facilitator needs to know and apply in their day to day facilitation. These pillars help keep participants on their toes and above all, fully engaged. In addition, I learned how to deal with challenging scenarios or participants using proven techniques that work.”

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  1. Name and describe all 5 Behavioural Facilitation Pillars
  2. Facilitate 2 presentations
    • Understand and develop 2 learning outcomes
    • Create at least 2 new facilitating resources
    • Obtain extensive and constructive feedback on their facilitation skills
  3. Discuss skills and tips for handling difficult situations or behaviours
  4. Acquire a variety of facilitating resources and tips


Registration Fees:

Non-Profit Rate – $675 plus 5% GST

Private/Public Sector Rate – $975 plus 5% GST

Upcoming Workshops

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