Facilitating With Purpose



Building on the success of our 2-day practical workshop, participants will be able to add an additional 5 to bring each participant to 10 components, of the Behavioural Facilitation Method into their toolbox.

  • Provides an additional day with a work-focused presentation and meaningful feedback
  • More activities to experience and adapt for personal use
  • Focused feedback on how to adapt presented materials in alternative ways

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Name, describe, and demonstrate 10 components in the Behavioural Facilitation approach
  • Facilitate 3 presentations
    • Understand and develop 3 learning outcomes
    • Create at least 3 new facilitating resources
    • Obtain and provide daily feedback on facilitation skills
  • Discuss skills and tips for handling challenging situations or behaviours
  • Interact with and learn from skilled peer facilitators

Registration Fees:

Non-Profit Rate – $875 plus 5% GST

Private/Public Sector Rate – $1650 plus 5% GST

“The Facilitator did a great job demonstrating what he was teaching us and allowed us to put everything into practice right away in a safe environment…. giving us the confidence to continue with the methods taught. The workshop was fun and the interaction among the workshop members allowed us to develop friendships that did not exist previously. This in itself demonstrated how this type of facilitation helps make those important connections and build rapport with trainees.”

Past Participant

About the Workshop

With an emphasis on continuous learning, active engagement, and group-based outcomes, the job of the facilitator is not to get their knowledge out to the audience but to help get knowledge out of the audience.

Proven and practical workshop facilitation skills are critical if a facilitator is to effectively motivate learners, encourage participation and promote on-the-job application of learning.

The Facilitating with Purpose workshop provides an opportunity to exchange learning and facilitating ideas and experiences with other professionals.

This three-day training is highly interactive and incorporates hands-on exercises, role-plays, as well as small and large group discussions.

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