Facilitating Through Challenges

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Facilitating Through Challenges

Facilitating Through Challenges Overview

We have all experienced challenges in facilitation, either as a leader or as a participant. Take some time to explore and try out the “6 Simple Steps to Deal with Difficult Behaviours”

Experience behavioural challenges and resolutions using theory, brainstorming, modeling and role play in this interactive – Learn by Doing workshop!

“The workshop experience was fantastic, I loved learning about the different personality traits and discovering yourself as a facilitator. I also liked the circle back to the pillars and behavioural components of facilitation and how to put them into practice with challenging behaviours. The 6 simple steps in dealing with challenging behaviours and the 3 behavioural tiers was eye-opening for me!”

How is this different from other training?

  • Facilitation Challenges are addressed in multiple ways so each one is not just recited, but integrated into discussion where solutions can organically flow
  • Peer-to-peer sharing provides opportunity to learn from a wide-variety of skilled peer facilitators

Registration Fees:

Non-Profit Rate – $350 plus 5% GST

Private/Public Sector Rate – $550 plus 5% GST

Facilitating Through Challenges
Learning Outcomes

  • Examine and reflect on at least two individual personality challenges when facilitating, then receive feedback and solutions from peers
  • Explore and try-out “6 Steps to Deal with Difficult Behaviours”
  • Assemble a list of challenging participant behaviours and gather solutions from peers and facilitator
  • Experience behavioural challenges and resolutions using theory, brainstorming, modeling, and role play
  • Build a network of supportive peers to share and troubleshoot future challenges


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