Virtual Facilitation Fundamentals Workshop

Are you struggling to keep participants engaged in your facilitation sessions?

Through group work and opportunities to practice, participants not only understand but actively demonstrate the five fundamental skills necessary to be an effective facilitator. Join us and transform your approach to facilitation!

What We Cover:

  • Understand and apply the five pillars crucial for keeping participants engaged.
  • Facilitate two short presentations on fun and light topics, gaining valuable experience.
  • Receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment to refine your skills.
  • A practical approach to learning that ensures real-world applicability.


Why Choose Our Workshop:

  • Targeted Problem Solving: We address the common challenge of keeping participants engaged during facilitation.
  • Experienced Facilitators: Learn from experts who have mastered the art of keeping sessions dynamic and interactive.
  • Practical Learning: Our workshop focuses on hands-on experiences, ensuring you can apply what you learn.


Workshop Price:

Private/Public Businesses: $975 + GST
Non-Profit Businesses: $675 + GST

Certificate Received Upon Completion:

Facilitation Fundamentals Certificate


“I familiarized myself with the 5 foundations or pillars that every facilitator needs to know and apply in their day-to-day facilitation. These pillars help keep participants on their toes and, above all, fully engaged. In addition, I learned how to deal with challenging scenarios or participants using proven techniques that work.”


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Virtual Facilitation Fundamentals Aug 2024
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Aug 28 - 29 2024


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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