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Since 1989, the Winnipeg Transition Centre (WTC) has been a leading provider of powerful professional development training opportunities. Now you can customize your training experience to fit you and your organization.

In addition to our regular workshops, we can now provide customized 2 to 3-hour quick-hit sessions based on your budget and number of people.

The training is focused on your organization’s specific needs and desired learning outcomes through selected activities and exercises.

Or, we can develop training beyond these options using the knowledge and expertise of our seasoned Trainers.

The first step is to meet with you to discuss what you are looking to achieve and how we can assist you.

A non-profit organization, that recently contacted us to work with their staff in helping them to connect more effectively with employers, had this to say about their customized training:
“I took time to ask each of the Staff I registered for this workshop what they thought and it is the first time that each individual was very clear on what they were going to use and take forward and how they were going to implement it into their work. Please thank Chris for the time he spent with them and the knowledge he has passed on. I am thankful we were able to set this up not only for my Staff members but especially because this will indirectly empower the youth we work with!”
Cyndi Schotchenko

Training Manager, New Directions

Whether you are looking for training that focuses on cover letters, dealing with challenging situations/behaviours, or how to answer difficult interview questions, we can deliver on what you require.

Call or email us to inquire about further details!

Our Programs

Career Development

Earn your Career and Employment Coach Certificate (CECC). CECC will provide workshop participants with intensive, hands-on training that will build and enhance their ability to assist unemployed individuals.

Facilitation Training

Learn practical workshop facilitation skills.