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Values & Skills Assessment Cards Overview:

A fun, interactive, and informative Coaching Products tool designed to help individuals make work/career choices that are based on their most important Values and Transferable skills. This unique card sort instrument features 53 cards plus 3 category sort cards, one side identifies Skills that are sorted under “Like to do, Would like to learn and Don’t like to do”. The reverse side identifies Values that are sorted under “Strongly value, Value at times and Don’t value”.

Through this self-discovery process, individuals will become more aware of their personal values and the transferrable skills they already possess, providing two important dimensions to their work and career path exploration.

Use with the Career Activity Planner for further career exploration.

Coaching Manuals for the Career/Employment Coach Certificate Program Overview:

Our Coaching Manuals for the Career/Employment Coach Certificate Program are also available to purchase. Participant Booklets to be used with your own clients/groups for all 4 modules can be purchased as well. Please see the price list below for details.

Should you wish to purchase any of our Coaching Products, please use our order form.

Publications (Coaches and Facilitators)

  • Resume Development Coach Manual
  • Interview Skills Coach Manual
  • Career Planning Coach Manual
  • Job Search Tools and Techniques Facilitator Manual

Price Per Unit(s)

1 – 9 manual(s) – $40.00 ea.

10 – 19 manuals – $35.00 ea.

20+ manuals – $30.00 ea.

Publications (Participants)

  • Career Activity Planner
  • Nine Steps to a Great Resume
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Search Coach Manual

Price Per Unit(s)

1 – 19 manual(s) – $18.00 ea.

20+ manuals – $15.00 ea.

Values & Skills Assessment Cards

  • Values & Skills; Deck of Cards

Price Per Unit(s)

1 – 4 decks – $18.00 ea.

5 – 9 decks – $14.50 ea.

10+ decks – $12.00 ea.

Inspirational Cards

  • Two-sided “Encouragement/Discouragement” Card
  • “Take the Pause that Refreshes” Card

Price Per Unit(s)

100 cards/pkg – $25.00 ea.

Values & Skills Action Planner (VSAP) Overview:

We are excited to have partnered with Career/LifeSkills Resources in Ontario to produce the Values & Skills Action Planner (VSAP)! The VSAP combines our Values & Skills Assessment Cards with the Career/Activity Planner which can be utilized online when working remotely with your clients. Inquire further regarding purchasing the VSAP on the CLSR website.

Values & Skills Worksheet (VSW) Overview:

The Values & Skills Worksheet is designed to accompany the Values & Skills Assessment Cards. The Values & Skills Assessment Cards are an innovative tool created to help individuals identify their strengths and values, and align them with their career goals, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment. Inquire further regarding purchasing the Values & Skills Worksheet and Assessment Cards on the CLSR website.

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