3 Tips For Crafting Your Next Resume

A resume is important for any hiring process as it helps get your foot in the door for the position you’re applying for. Resumes also give the person hiring a look at what your qualifications are, experience, and a glimpse of who you are as a person.  Here are three tips for you to apply […]

Presence Is Power

By The Late Ron Bartlette Bullying is on the hearts and minds of society as we hear more and more about bullying rearing its ugly head in classrooms, boardrooms, workplaces, and in relationships. How do these bullies get their power?  Simply put, “we give it to them”. Now my thoughts aren’t 100% foolproof. Yet as […]

3 Interview Secrets You Can Unlock

Do you want some interview secrets that could help you in the job interview? Interviews are tough. They can make or break your chances of getting that new job you’ve applied for. That is why you will want to prepare the very best you can to make sure you nail it and get that new […]

Prison Stories

By The Late Ron Bartlette We’ve all heard about or seen movies about prisons and the stories that unfold from the prisoners within. None of us is jumping up and down to change places with the prisoners. Although we may have done exactly what they have done, we just haven’t been caught as of yet.  […]

Winnipeg Transition Centre Partners With YES! Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transition Center is proud to partner with YES! Winnipeg on the Job Connections Portal This portal gives job seekers an advanced matching system to save them time and effort when looking for a job. This digital platform allows job seekers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to create a free profile that captures their […]

Spin Cycle Living

By The Late Ron Bartlette Susan Monk Kidd, the writer of numerous books such as The Secret Life of Bees and Mermaid’s Chair, illustrates with the following excerpt from her amazing book, God’s Joyful Surprise, how many of us live life; “Have you ever seen a centrifuge at work? Inside the drum of the centrifuge, […]

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