Manitoba Receiving Funding With The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

Manitoba Receiving Funding With The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant. New 2023/24 Now Open! Employers in Manitoba will be able to access the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant to receive funds to help cover training costs of new and existing employees to meet the business demands while helping Manitobans acquire new skills to fill available jobs. Employers can apply […]

What Is A Combination Resume?

Are you struggling to decide what resume format would be best for you between the Chronological and Functional formats? Well, the answer could be to combine the two formats. We’ll discuss more here in this post as we go over what a Combination Resume format is. Let’s dive right in and discuss a Combination Resume! Want to gain tips […]

Answering Participant Questions In A Workshop

By The Late Ron Bartlette Two types of participant questions can be asked. The ones you know the answer to and the ones you don’t. How do you respond to each? What if you know the answer to a question asked? No problem, you go ahead and respond, right? Not so fast. That’s the quick […]

The WTC’s Tracey Ediger Joins This Week’s MACD Career Conversations Podcast

The WTC’s Tracey Ediger Joins This Week’s MACD Career Conversations Podcast In this episode, MACD Career Conversations Podcast host David Driver and WTC Program Manager Tracey Ediger discuss falling into a career and the massive impact of the Winnipeg Transition Centre in the city of Winnipeg. Where to find more of the MACD Career Conversations […]

What Is A Functional Resume?

With so many formats for a resume, you probably know what a Chronological Resume is, but do you know what a Functional Resume is? Different resume formats provide employers with information that the job you are applying for might require. Today, we will break down what a Functional Resume is, how it works, the different sections commonly […]

The Winnipeg Transition Centre Announces CECC Night Classes! you looking to grow your career, but find it hard to attend our workshops during the day? Then the CECC Night Classes could be for you! Starting this September we are offering our Career Employment Certificate Workshops in the evening. Each workshop will be broken up into 4 separate sections over a two-week time […]

What Is A Chronological Resume?

Resumes come in different formats. Today we will be discussing one of those formats when we dive into the question, what is a Chronological resume? We have talked about the different resume formats and even tips on building a great resume, but today we thought it best to break down the Chronological resume format. We will […]

It’s Not About You

By The Late Ron Bartlette Really, said the tongue to the ear. Two ears, huh, said the tongue. Alone, I put down people or raise them up. I can make songs, poems and stories sound like brittle sand paper or as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The tongue loved its power and delighted in how […]

What Are The 3 Resume Formats

We have discussed in the past some tips to help you build a great resume which has led us to today’s topic: What Are The 3 Resume Formats? A resume is a document that provides employers with information about who you are and what you could bring to the table for the position you are applying for. […]

Overcoming Fear When Leading Groups

By The Late Ron Bartlette Fear or struggles with leading groups of any size is one of life’s most common stumbling blocks for most people.  I’m one of those people by the way.  When put into a position where I had to present anything in front of a group of people, I immediately wanted to […]

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