Active Learning Works

Don't Let Career Stagnation Hold You Back - Get the Support You Need

Are you not on your desired career path? It could be frustrating to be in that situation.

The Winnipeg Transition Centre fundamentally believes in and stands for empowering clients through equity, collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility to help people build meaningful careers.

Since 1989, the Winnipeg Transition Centre (WTC) has been a leading provider of powerful professional development training opportunities. Active Learning Works! is the title of our professional development division.

Join the thousands of leaders, managers, and business professionals who attend our training and professional development programs each year to enhance their interpersonal, leadership, and facilitation skills, and in doing so, reach and exceed their organizational goals and objectives.

Winnipeg Transition Centre, through Active Learning Works! currently offers professional development training in workshop facilitation, career development, and employment coaching ranging from one to five days in length.

Through our partnership with the University of Winnipeg we are uniquely positioned to offer certificates in Career/Employment Coaching and Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills.

What You Can Expect From Us

Customized Workshops

Create your own customized workshops. Get tailored support to meet your unique needs.

Support For Transitioning

Support for career transitions to new careers, with help with resume writing, interview preparation, and skill development.

Certifications and Training Programs

Industry recognized certifications and training programs. Enhance your skills and qualifications and achieve your career goals.

Career Employment Coach Certificate (CECC)

Career Planning Coach

2 Day Workshop

Takes individuals through a Career Activity Planner where you review and practice: self-assessment and choosing a career.

Job Search Coach

2 Day Workshop

Attain and practice multiple approaches to help individuals develop effective self-marketing techniques.

Resume Development Coach

2 Day Workshop

Gain tips, techniques, and information to successfully coach others to create an effective resume for their specific job search.

Interview Skills Coach

2 Day Workshop

Practice and build a method of coaching others through tough interview questions and presentation skills.

CECC is made up of four 2-day workshop – Complete all four to become accredited!

Facilitation Workshops

Practical Options – 9 Participants Practice Facilitating Daily

Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate

5 Day Workshop

An intensive “train the trainer” program that focuses on practical facilitation experiences each day with structured and supportive feedback. All 15 Behavioural Facilitation Components are defined and practiced.

Facilitating With Purpose

3 Day Workshop

2 Days to build up your facilitation expertise with the 10 Behavioural Facilitation Components. 3rd day to focus on adapting and practicing your work material.

Facilitation Fundamentals

2 Day Workshop

Define and practice The 5 Pillars of the Behavioural Facilitation Method.

Tangible Series – Small or Large Group

Facilitation: Engage Now!

1 Day Workshop

Takes participants through 6 activities and allows them to adapt for their own needs and work goals.

Facilitating Through Challenges

1 Day Workshop

Experience behavioural challenges and resolutions using theory, brainstorming, modeling and role play in this interactive-“Learn by Doing” workshop!

Games, Tools & Techniques

1 Day Workshop

Experience 8 practical activities that will demonstrate the process! Styles of activities cross topics such as: Rapport and trust building, topic changes, and recall and evaluation.

*Career Employment Coach Certificate (CECC) and the Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills Certificate workshops are joint programs with the University of Winnipeg and Active Learning Works!

Our Programs

Career Development

Earn your Career and Employment Coach Certificate (CECC). CECC will provide workshop participants with intensive, hands-on training that will build and enhance their ability to assist unemployed individuals.

Facilitation Training

Learn practical workshop facilitation skills.

Job Search Coach

A Virtual Workshop

Register now to empower individuals to break through those barriers and empower yourself to guide others effectively in their job search!

Limited Spots Available.

July 17 to 18