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Helping Individuals of All Backgrounds Achieve Career Success

We understand that finding employment and building a fulfilling career can be challenging and overwhelming. The Winnipeg Transition Centre is here to support you every step of the way to achieve your employment and career goals.

As a leading employment and career development center in Winnipeg, we have helped thousands of clients overcome barriers and achieve their employment and career goals. Our team of experts has extensive experience in providing personalized support and resources to help clients succeed.

Whether you’re seeking a career change or facing unemployment, our comprehensive employment services can help you. Bev, a past workshop participant, had been struggling to apply for a counseling position due to a lack of confidence and knowledge. After taking the Interview Skills Coach Workshop, Bev’s confidence was built and she gained new skills and knowledge, enabling her to rewrite her resume and cover letter, ultimately leading to a successful screening for an interview. If you’re looking for support and guidance to achieve your career goals, look no further than the Winnipeg Transition Centre.

We’re here to help you achieve your career goals too.



The Late Ron Bartlette


Heather Timmons

Administrative Assistant

Linda Bartlette

Executive Director

Tracey Ediger

Program Manager

Curtis Marshall

Freelance Social Media Specialist

ALW Facilitators


Bruce Farrer

Contract Trainer


Chris Wells

Contract Trainer / Employment Coach

Nataliya Masyuk

Nataliya Masyuk

Contract Trainer / Employment Coach

Pat Ward

Patricia Ward

Contract Trainer / Employment Coach

Chrissy Cordingley Pic

Chrissy Cordingley

Contract Trainer / Employment Coach

WTC Advisory Board

Rob McKelvey

Retired (Former Financial Advisor - Sun Life)

Barry Vokey

Retired (Former Executive Director – JUST Training)

Lorna Smith

Retired (formerly with Red River College and MPI)

Merle West

Corporate Trainer

Sherri Cairns

Certified Business Counsellor

David Wiebe

Vice President of North American Sales at PolySense Solutions

Debra Wutke

Retired (formerly with Red River College)

Lori Sanderson Pic

Lori Sanderson

Substitute Teacher

Lynette McDonald Black and White Pic

Lynette McDonald

Chief Operating Officer for Indigenous Health, WRHA

Career Planning Coach

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