3 Tips For Crafting Your Next Resume

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A resume is important for any hiring process as it helps get your foot in the door for the position you’re applying for. Resumes also give the person hiring a look at what your qualifications are, experience, and a glimpse of who you are as a person. 

Here are three tips for you to apply to your resume from your friends at the Winnipeg Transition Centre.

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Build For A Specific Job
Include highlighted skills and experience based on what the employer is looking for, not just sending in a general resume for each job you apply for. For example, if they are looking for someone who has experience working with Microsoft Word, include your experience and skills relevant to your time working with Microsoft Word in your resume for that business.
Choose The Right Resume Format
A functional resume is ideal for job seekers who recently graduated with limited experience as it focuses more on relevant skills. A chronological resume is best used for those with significant work experience and is a preferred style for government and recruitment agencies. Picking the right format will help the employer determine if you are the right fit for the position.
Include Other Experiences
Volunteer experience or listing professional affiliations with organizations is beneficial to include, particularly if it relates to the job opportunity. It also gives a snapshot of what people do outside the work environment. This is great as it helps paint a picture in the hiring manager’s mind of what kind of person you are. This could also give you a leg up on the competition as they feel you could be the right fit in the work environment. These suggestions will help you level up your resume game. If you want to learn more we recommend you check out our upcoming virtual workshops as they can help you in career advancement. Our Resume Development Coach workshop will help you learn skills like determining the best resumé format for each individual, assisting individuals in identifying skills to meet specific job goals using nine easy steps, laying out resumés targeted to catch the employers’ attention, working with an individual instead of for an individual, and more!

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