What Are The 3 Resume Formats

May 19, 2022

We have discussed in the past some tips to help you build a great resume which has led us to today’s topic: What Are The 3 Resume Formats? 

A resume is a document that provides employers with information about who you are and what you could bring to the table for the position you are applying for. It’s important to note that not all resumes are the same. A resume that you’d use to apply at your local ice cream shop will be different from the one you’d use to apply for a government job. A big difference would be how the important information is presented to the employers. 

Let’s break down the 3 different resume formats that you should know and use for your next job application. 

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Chronological Format

You’ve probably seen or even used a Chronological resume at some point in life. It is the more common resume format as it provides the applicant’s job history in chronological or in reverse-chronological order. It helps show recruiters your career development and your work experience. 

Who should use it: The Chronological format works in almost all industries. It provides background history and experience that you’d bring to the table for the job you’re applying for. 


Chronological resume example

Functional Format

The Functional resume format is very different from the Chronological resume format. Where Chronological resumes focus on providing your work experience, the Functional resume format focuses more on skills and qualifications. With Functional resumes, job seekers can provide the relevant skills for the job they are applying for rather than working experience in that industry. 

Who should use it: The Functional resume is best used for job seekers who are gaps in their employment history or who are making a career change.

Functional resume example

Hybrid Format

The Hybrid resume format is exactly how it sounds, a hybrid format! It combines the best parts of the Functional resume and the best parts of the Chronological resume, highlighting the job qualifications and work experience in chronological order. 

Who should use it: The Hybrid resume format is best for recent graduates looking for entry-level jobs.

Hybrid Format Example
Hybrid Resume Example

These resume format breakdowns should be enough to help you decide which format is best for you to use on your next resume. If you want to learn more we recommend you check out our upcoming virtual workshops as they can help you in career advancement.

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